Monday, October 24, 2011

*Prawn* Pad Thai

The pad-thai-y goodness is hidden under the prawns, sprouts and peanuts!

Yeah, So it's almost impossible to get vegan cheese, or cream cheese, yoghurt, marshmallows (Anything vaguely useful) where I live... But I can get these!

Went to check out a new Asian mart on the weekend after the farmers market, and nearly died.
Talk about a vego heaven! Every kind of tofu you could dream of, half the price of the supermarkets, (and still made in Australia!)
But best of all... A WHOLE FLIPPIN' FREEZER of vegetarian meats!

(Cruelty free Prawns in their naturally frozen state.)

Vego Prawns, fish. duck, chicken, chicken nuggets, pepper steak, abalone, bacon, ham, you name it, someone in Asia has made a soy version of it. Weird. I'm not a massive fan of meat replacements, it really is a bit weird, but I became vego for the ethics, so I'm still eager to try all of them out!

First I made Pad Thai!

... The prawns smelt fishy. Fair enough. but EW. And they were all squishy and fishy tasting. Now I admit, I've never had a real prawn before (yay!) so I had others tasted them.
Apparently the texture was spot on, but the taste was more like seafood extender. 

Far out I love Pad thai. Mmm. But I think I'll stick to my soy in tofu form for future Pad Thai.