Sunday, October 30, 2011

IRON CHEF Choc-Carrot-Chai Spice Pudding Pie With Oat-Carrot Cookie Crust

Update! I let on to my brother that he could eat the "dessert" in the fridge. The next morning he asked "What was that? It was delicious!" Sneaky Vegetable success!
Man oh man. This is really annoying. I made 2 of these puddin' pies. One held together perfectly, it was pretty. My mum and I ate it. All. We couldn't stop.
Then. The light was fading and it was time to photograph.....The second fell apart when I took it out of the ramekin.


But here it is anyway.
I didn't want to do anything normal. Like muffins. Cookies. Or even a pancake (I mean, I LOVE carrot cake pancakes, and oat pancakes, so a combination would be divine!)
No. Iron Chef says to me "Think Different!"

So what is this?
Oat and Carrot Cookie base, made by whipping nutellex and sugar, then beating in carrot, LSA, Oat flour and Oats, pressed into ramekins and baked for about 20 mins.
Extra dough was disposed of thoughtfully. (and extra time on treadmill was taken accordingly)

Ka-PLOP. I didn't have the time to wait for it to set completely either, as I only like taking photos in the natural light and it was fading fast!

The pudding was made by simmering OAT MILK (I went all the way!) with more carrot, then blending that smooth. I then made it into a pudding by adding cornstarch and sugar, along with ginger, cinnamon, cardamon, clove  nutmeg and vanilla.
Finally, I topped it off with dark chocolate melted with coconut oil, cocoa and cinnamon.

Overall? Success!
You just have to imagine how good the first one looked. Trust me. Please.

In other Muchin' Mochi News:
This will be my last post for Mofo!
I have to explain, I went into this month coming off a detox which I was completing trying to get rid of my CFS. Whilst I tried my best to blog as much as I could, whenever I create something I want to share on this blog, I ended up eating it. So I was at a constant struggle between creating mofo-y goodness and keeping up eating as clean as I could.
I'll be trying my best to detox again in November, and to help me along with my cooking addiction I'm not going to be updating this blog for a month. (That's all though!)

I have love love loooooved everyone's work. Seeing 1000+ updates on my reader feed everyday has been insane!
Lots of love to everyone who blogged!
Can it happen more than once a year? Please?

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