Monday, October 10, 2011

Guilt Free Ice-cream. Really. I Promise.

Oh. Hello. How did this picture of Mochi get here?
I don't usually eat white rice sweet mochi (I'm always "munchin' Genmai Mochi"- Recipe soon) but my lovely mumma brought this for me, because she knows I love mochi and green tea, so what else could I want in a food? (Plus, it's vegannnn!) Ah mums. Love em.
Know what else I love?

Vegan, Gluten Free, No added Sugar

 Oh how I wish I'd taken the time to take a picture worthy of this simple, delish treat. I didn't make much as it was an experiment, so it was incredibly hard to scoop it out all pretty-like. Also, it soon ended like this:
Why is it guilt free? Let me ask you this:
Do you feel more guilty eating A) a handful of raw cashews and dates or B) A few scoops of ice-cream?
Healthy serve of important things found in nuts in ice-cream form.  I'm sold.

Cashews: Water: Dates

That's it.
Blend until completely smooth.
Leave as is for a caramel like flavour, or 
Add whatever flavour suits your fancy (hello raw cacao or healthy (low sugar) dark chocolate), 
Add a Tbs of liquor if you're so inclined, and a pinch of salt.

Place in shallow container, freeze for an hour, whip, freeze, whip, freeze, whip. You get the idea. 
Or, place into icecream maker if you're that lucky.

I get wary of desserts that use nuts as it's so easy to overeat them per serve, but I used 1 cup each of cashews and dates, and it made about 8 servings, so per serve, it's only 1/4C sized of a mix of cashews and dates. Personally, that's a "YAY" from me ^_^


  1. This sounds lovely! Is yours flavored with chocolate or is it that dark just from the dates?

  2. I, being a chocoholic, flavoured mine with small handful of melted dark chocolate and a tbs of raw cacao, but it tasted quite yummy and caramel-ly without anything added!

  3. Add chocolate and my kids will follow the maker of this dessert anywhere. :-)

  4. I will be trying this ice cream recipe very soon, it looks fantastic!