Thursday, February 16, 2012

Veg Out at Kabuki By The Sea ~ Swansea, Tas

Kabuki By the Sea
Tasman Highway Swansea (10 mins drive from Swansea)
Phone (03) 62578588

Veg Rating:
Vegetarian/ Vegan Friendly. Small dedicated Vego menu.

I finally got around to going to Kabuki. Being a Japanese restaurant, it was a major thing I wanted to do before I left Hobart. Oh and that's my big news, I'm now studying at the Australian National University in Canberra!

Back to Kabuki. The view is worth the trip alone. Sitting at on of the window seats, it is truly stunning.
You can also get sake (Or Tassie beer of course!)

As far as the menu goes, it's fairly vego friendly.That said, there really is only one "main" meal option, the bento.  I started with vego gyoza, which was pretty tasty but a little over priced at $13.90 for what you see in the picture. I then had the bento, which also has gyoza, so I don't recommend doing what I did, unless you really, really like gyoza!

Overall, the bento was good, although I can't help compare everyone now to Chado's. There was the gyoza, lottas sushi, agadashi tofu, and some sort of noodle thing, which was really good despite it's plain looks.

My only complaint would be that all the sushi was the same flavour. After 7 pieces, it can get a bit same-same.

Overall, Kabuki is worth it for the experience (the VIEW!), and as a vego polishing off the bento, you 
defiantly won't leave hungry!

Note: You can view the whole menu on their website, see top of post.

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