Thursday, August 23, 2012

Grain Free Banana Bread

First, if you're a woman, and you haven't read this.... well, read it. Explains why you can have a flat tummy but still no ass like Anne Hathaway in the Dark Knight rises (*Drools*)  
Yep. If the world was thrown into turmoil and you didn't have steady access to food 'cos the zombies were camped in the supermarket or something, you could still support two people. Man can just selfishly look after himself and lift something heavy. But your booty has TWO FLIPPING HUMAN BEING'S NUTRITIONAL NEEDS COVERED. YEAH.

Also I'm working on creating a perfect paleo-ish cookie. If you try and tell me paleo cookie is a little bit of an oxymoron, click here.
Cookies are awesome. 
My goal is to make a cookie that both the dough and the baked cookie taste like the flour/sugar/butter thing other cookies have going on. No ridiculously expensive blanched almond flour I NEED COOKIES BEFORE I'M A MILLIONAIRE. No "stir in some cacao nibs into cashew butter". I'MA SORRY THAT'S JUST NOT COOKIE DOUGH.
Achem. Sorry. I feel passionately about my cookie dough.

Oh yeah here's the banana bread recipe. I do not exaggerate: this is the best banana bread I have ever had. The same day I made this, I also made a "normal" highly-rated recipe from the internets... and it sucked. This didn't. Enough said.

Oh yeah and I updated my grain free coconut bread to include an almond option. 

Grain-Free Banana Bread

250g Coconut
2 eggs
1/4 C milk + (1/2 tbs flax + 1/2 tbs chia bran) or (1 Tbs either flax or chia bran) or 1 extra egg
1 tbs Organic pastured butter
1/8 C honey
1/4 C dates
1/2 tbs baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tbs apple cider vinegar
Ground Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves
~ 2 large bananas

Process coconut to butter. Take it easy on your processor (I killed one doing two batches of this)
Add dates, process well.
Add eggs, milk, honey and butter, process well
Add bananas, process
Add spices and raising agents, process.

{Optional: drizzle with honey and cinnamon before baking}
Bake at around 200c for about 1 hour (Like I've mentioned before, I have a silly oven.)
Sorry about the shizzy photos; I was too lazy to charge my camera and had to take this on my phone. The loaf didn't last long enough to wait for the said-charging (-_^)

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