Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Veg Out at Chado ~ Hobart City

Chado: The Way Of Tea
134 Elizabeth Street, Hobart
Phone 62 31 64 11

Go for? Lunch and Tea (The drink, not the meal)
Tues to Sat: 11am - 4pm

Chado's Facebook page

Veg Rating:
Veg/Vegan friendly. Best Vegetarian Japanese food going around.

Elizabeth street opposite the Melville street carpark

I always find myself saying the standard "Let's meet for Coffee", when really, I don't drink coffee that much. I'ld much prefer a hot chocolate, or better, a good cuppa tea. 
Tea drinkers rejoice! "Let's meet for tea" won't sound so strange when you follow it with "At Chado"!
(According to their facebook page) They have over 80 teas from China, Taiwan, Japan, Sri Lanka, India, South Africa, Egypt, South America and Australia. I sort of got overwhelmed by the fact that they have a whole tea menu and didn't count or take note of all the different types and countries, so I'll believe that. There were a lot of teas!

It has everything good. Ever.

There's basically two food options: A bento box or donburi. You then choose what "protein" you want with this, one of the options being Organic tofu. I had the bento with the tofu (above) but it was so exciting and delish that I tucked in before remembering to take a photo! I have been to most of the Japanese restaurants around Tassie now, and I have to say, this is the best bento I have had.

Even more exciting, they have Natto! If you don't know, Natto is fermented soy bean, and Natto is to Japanese like Vegemite is to Australians. Let's just say, most foreigners don't like it. I do, and if you haven't tried it before, I would highly recommend trying Chado's. I've had some pretty nasty Natto before (in Japan), and this was good. 

Although I would highly rate this as a great veg out spot, there is only on veg option in each of the Bento and donburi menu. However, there is only 4-5 options in each of these sections anyway. It's a small menu.

The tea is brewed how it is meant to be ( the right temperature and seep time), and you get an extra jug of hot water so you get a few pots out of your order. Just as things should be yes?

To top it all off...Best chai milkshake, hands down. And I drink a lot of chai things. They also do a matcha one, and apparently? make their own soy milk.
Speaking of matcha, you can also get your own mini tea ceremony at your table. I know right!?

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