Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vegan Mofo!

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That's right, a whole month of Vegan awesomeness (but when isn't vegan awesome you ask... well. I don't know. But still) I shall be sharing my yummiest and most make-worthy vegan cooking adventures with you for a whole month. 
To start, I'll be sharing some of my favourite raw vegan foods since I'm on a raw detox, but then there's going to be heaps of photos, recipes and adaptations of all my favourite vegan/ adapted to vegan creations, all which will be throughly tested on my {veg-friendly to complete omnivorous} family of testers that I have going on to test it's perfectness.

Stick around with me for the whole month and as my final post I think I might share my ultimate Veg Burger. The one that I serve at dinner-parties, my most requested meal; my "This is better than McDonalds" Big-Mac. 

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