Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vegan Ice cream ~ Machine free

If you're like me and follow a billion blogs, get excited when a vegan ice cream recipe is posted and then a large part of you dies when it reads "and then put in your ice cream machine..." This post is dedicate to you.
They made icecream before machines existed, so why can't we?

This recipe is adapted from Veganomicon.  You need to make it when you're going to be home for the afternoon.  The result is far better than I ever expected possible, I think the texture is exactly the same as dairy ice cream. And of course, change the flavours to suit your own tastes, that's the best part!

I wish I could get the camera to capture it's creaminess...

Vegan Ice cream (Nutella and Peanut Butter)

1 can of good quality coconut cream (I used Marco organic)
3/4 Cup sugar
170g Silken Tofu (silken, and only silken!)
1 Tbp Vanilla extract
1 Tbs Liqour

Up to you!
I added about 1/4 of homemade vegan nutella, which had Frangelico and Creme De Cacao in it. Adding a suitable liquor for your flavour will make it yummy and help it not set like a rock. Double Bonus Booze.
I also added about 1/4 of cocoa powder. Using melted chocolate would be also be awesome. Do it.

Put your base and flavours in a blender and blend until completely homogenous and light.
Pour into a sealable container, preferablely pre-chilled metal, but I used plastic. Choose shallower rather than deeper.

Put in freezer, chill for an hour. Run spoon/ spatula around edges and mix, then beat with a hand beater for 1 min. 
Return to freezer, repeat after every hour for as many times as you can before it's solid. I got about 5 in before I had to go to bed, and by this stage it was fairly thick.
Nows the time to swirl in any other flavours. I blobbed around 1/2 cup natural peanut butter and swirled in with a knife. 
Leave to freeze completely.

Leave out on the bench to soften for a few minutes before attacking. Or, scoop out and put in microwave for about 8 seconds, then quickly return container to freezer before you devour the softening edges and eat far too much.

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